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The Entombment

The Entombment is a 1559 oil-on-canvas painting by the Italian artist Titian, commissioned by Philip II of Spain. It depicts the burial of Jesus in a stone sarcophagus, which is decorated with depictions of Cain and Abel and the binding of Isaac. The figure holding Christ's body is Nicodemus, the Jewish elder that secretly visited Jesus at night to learn about his teachings; the figure of Nicodemus bears the traits of the artist himself. This could have been inspired by Michelangelo's idea in his unfinished Deposition from 1550, depicting himself as Nicodemus, supporting the body of Christ, displayed in the cathedral in Florence. The painting exhibits a style under development by Titian at the time, characterized by the use of broad brushwork and brilliant colours. It is now in the permanent collection of the Museo del Prado, Madrid.

Painting credit: Titian

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